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Managing Your Whole Loan Portfolio with Machine Learning

June 19, 2019
1-1:45pm EDT
LC Yarnelle
Matt Steele


Whole Loan Data Meets Predictive Analytics

  • Ingest whole loan data
  • Normalize data sets
  • Improve data quality
  • Analyze your historical data
  • Improve your predictive analytics


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 June 19, 2019
1-1:45pm EDT

Learn the Power of Machine Learning

Data Intake

-How to leverage machine learning to help streamline whole loan data prep


Manage Data

-Innovative ways to manage the differences in large data sets


Data Improvement

-Easily clean your data to drive better predictive analytics

About The Hosts

LC Yarnelle
Director - RiskSpan

LC Yarnelle is a Director with experience in financial modeling, business operations, requirements gathering and process design. At RiskSpan, LC has worked on model validation and business process improvement/documentation projects. He also led the development of one of RiskSpan’s software offerings, and has led multiple development projects for clients, utilizing both Waterfall and Agile frameworks.  Prior to RiskSpan, LC was as an analyst at NVR Mortgage in the secondary marketing group in Reston, VA, where he was responsible for daily pricing, as well as on-going process improvement activities.  Before a career move into finance, LC was the director of operations and a minority owner of a small business in Fort Wayne, IN. He holds a BA from Wittenberg University, as well as an MBA from Ohio State University. 

Matt Steele
Senior Analyst - RiskSpan

Matthew Steele thrives at creating solutions by analyzing data, identifying hidden insights, and implementing the right strategies to move forward. Matthew has experience with data analytics, project management, ETL, consulting, and strategy. A fast learner, he is constantly adding to his repertoire of skills and advancing his knowledge of statistical methods. Matthew holds a BS in Psychology from Mount St. Mary’s University.